Before and After the Storm

by the Machine in the Garden

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rikm Vocals soar, guitars rock, and the production is just as crisp and tight as I've come to expect from TMitG. Tracks like "Cimmerian", "The Piano" and "Power and Prophecy" stand among some of the best work in the duo's catalog, and the decision to include a trio of remixes fills out the album nicely by offering some different interpretations of the tracks which succeed in emphasizing the quality of the songwriting.


the Machine in the Garden and Deus ex Musica are proud to present Before and After the Storm, the band’s eighth studio album. The eight new songs encompass the variety of styles — from goth rock to electronic ethereal — the band is known for.

The name “Before and After the Storm” has several different meanings for the band, but ultimately it has to do with the interweaving of music and events from different times in life and how much even a single event can change that life. This is evident from the selection of songs, some of which have their roots in music begun many years ago combined with more recent creations.

This time differential is also evident in the influences for the songs, says Roger, “I wanted to draw heavily from old-school/classic groups in the genre — get back to some “goth” roots — Swans, The Sisters of Mercy and Joy Division for example, but at the same time evolve those sounds into something current. But also newer artists such as Sarah Fimm and Emmalee Crane also played influential roles on other songs. Ultimately it came out sounding like tMitG, which is the point, really.”

Lyrically many of the songs also follow a theme, says Summer, “I looked to mythology and mysticism when I was writing the lyrics for these songs. I wanted to think about other cultures and their origin stories as a mirror of returning to many of our musical roots with this work.”


released June 24, 2011

Written, Performed and Produced
by Roger Fracé and Summer Bowman

Engineered and Mixed by Roger Fracé

Mastered by John Stinson @ Stinson Studios, Austin, Texas

Layout and Design by Roger Fracé and Summer Bowman

Cover and Disc Photography by Mark Von Minden

Back Cover Photography by Jaimee Gleisner

Photography of Summer and Roger by Roger and Summer

Wardrobe by Kambriel

“Scathefire” remix by Frances Byrne

“Power and Prophesy” remix by Falling You

“Mending the Sky” remix by Miles Fender @ The Streetlight Farm

Thanks to our friends and families, Miles Fender, Wench, Falling You, Dru Allen, Kambriel, Monica’s Last Prayer, Jason Pitzl-Waters, Rik maclean, Sleepthief, Sam Rosenthal, Jennifer Griggs, Attrition, DJ Eternal Darkness, Mick Mercer, The Synthetic Dream Foundation, Pete Murray, Kevin Dunn and James Babbo, and anyone we may have forgotten…


all rights reserved



the Machine in the Garden Austin, Texas

The Machine in the Garden is a gothic/darkwave duo featuring Roger Fracé and Summer Bowman. Since their formation, Roger and Summer have developed and advanced their unique style through years of collaborating and intertwining their musical tastes.

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Track Name: Cimmerian
a dance
a dream
a thought
a vision

a price
a pang
a dread
a moment

a light
a face
a gleam
a torture

a twitch
a shame
a circle
a nightfall


tell me where the others are
take me to the edge of the world
find me in perpetuity
taken beyond the night

for my world is crisp and bright
and no darkness tarnishes my sight
you must have been mistaken
when in shadows you thought I rule

so go and find a place for us
a time of truth and thought
of dreams filtered through sunlight
and sunlit days of reverie

and I will live in peace there
pensive, musing and wise
distracted by the air and wind
the beauty of the light
Track Name: Scathefire
kindled within the waters
beneath the highest heaven
mighty and wise
protecting and delivering

rising from the flames
destruction and construction
with your fiery horses
creator of sun and stars

burn and dispel
burn and devour
burn and purify
burn and be born
sacrificial fire

linking heaven and earth
offering into the fire
your wisdom burns delusion
facing all directions

dwelt upon brightness
lightning of a raincloud
flames of roaring waves
in the thunder of heaven

charioteer, sacrifice
two origins, two births
Track Name: Metallic
resonant and high
sounds of the leaden
deep within the core

nature shock
future crash

molten and glowing
soft, strident din
tuned to underscore

nature shock
future crash

spinning and swirling
a clanging deep within
fire beneath the ore

nature shock
future crash

golden and molten
penetrating resonance
never heretofore

nature shock
future crash

spiraling mass of beautiful momentum
approaching abstracted time
prospect of destiny hereafter
Track Name: In the Vanir
wind and sea
in the Vanir
joined together
my wisdom
those who honor
drawn forward
we embraced
a piece of metal
linked in freedom

for the ancients
divine marriage
they dance
known among us
wild nature
time before

cold wind
in the Vanir
golden goddess
no knowledge
her wisdom
for the fallen
pushed behind
we departed
a throne of metal
joined in freedom

I have brought myself to this point
now I can't escape
from my thoughts
my own life
and the energy of past
I'm a warrior
reaching towards light
Track Name: The Piano
on the darkened stage
he takes his place
black and white
beneath his hands

waiting in the wings
she doesn't speak
but listens, quietly
sustain, rise and fall

neverending melody
a spell in the dark
fingers dancing
on the keys

the night is broken
a subtle shift occurrs
all those gathered
breathe as one

nothing else can echo now
the story has ended
he nods
and takes his leave

we felt deeply there
something more than truth
across the boards
where memories lie
Track Name: Power and Prophesy
glimmer of the metal below
flesh in virtue forgotten
what once was joy now
within great loss we fall

we will inherit another world
the art of power and prophesy

words taken the wrong way
ownership of feelings lost
those we strike, hit harder
until we have no control
Track Name: Mending the Sky
nvwa, nvwa
ancestor of mine
mending the sky
pillars of the earth
break and shatter
sky and chasm
cover the earth
broken land
split asunder
raging sea
crashing wind
river of fire

nvwa, nvwa
mend the sky
mend the sky
select the stones
fill the chasms

the black beast destroyed
the burnt reeds turn to ash
blocking the flood
conquer our fear
as we live in peace

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