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XV is a special limited-edition 15th anniversary CD. The CD includes 15 tracks spanning the band's 15 year history, including demos, remixes, previously unreleased outtakes and two brand-new songs.


released December 13, 2007

Mastered by John Stinson at Stinson Studios, Austin, Texas.

Layout and design by Roger Fracé and Summer Bowman.

Inside photos by Jessie Therriault, Cindy Adzuki Chang, E. Katie Holm, Donna Clancy Goertz, and Chad Van Pelt.

2007 photos by Cindy Adzuki Chang.


all rights reserved



the Machine in the Garden Austin, Texas

The Machine in the Garden is a gothic/darkwave duo featuring Roger Fracé and Summer Bowman. Since their formation, Roger and Summer have developed and advanced their unique style through years of collaborating and intertwining their musical tastes.

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Track Name: Mental Wasteland
she's falling through the cracks
stumbling down the stairs
ripped to tiny pieces
fading far away again

running down the street
every thought a riddle
vision blurred and hazy
all her cares a jumble

severed from existence
what seems to be an end
is only the beginning
to salvage one last shred
I seem to not endure
frozen in my mind
everything in chaos
leading us away

smashing into dreams
fighting through the night
breaking down the doors
taking her away again

humanity is torn
actions are confounded
beaten, clawed and damaged
where do we go next?
Track Name: Wonderland (Mad Hatter Mix)
feel the water that falls down
and washes me clean
from all the stars of the fears
that linger in my dreams

I want to drive my eyes away
no more to wonder
taken in the hands of fate
days filled with thunder

here we are here we stand
trapped inside this wonderland
moving in circles falling around
they go up but we fall down

I hear you again
again, again
I hear you again
again, again

the nights drown away in stars
growing deeper and colder
nothing can awake my mind
another year older

why we always soon forget
with no reason
how low we are again
taken with the seasons
Track Name: Oblician (Éire Mix)
moving into love and lies
the house of desire
today we fall from eden
into the realm of fire

scratch my eyes out with fingers like claws
let me see the truth i deny
the temptation of sinning

how do you feel?
how do you feel?
how do you feel?
how do you feel?
Track Name: Six Days
how can you find her there
when she can't even find herself
why weren't you with her there
when she always needed you

we twist
6 days 6 days we're weeping
we're weeping there
6 days 6 days we fall
we fall
6 days 6 days we twist
6 days here

found at just the wrong time
loved at just the right
what can you be right here
are you a dream in her eyes

these days and nights concede
as the illusions fade away
and as the darkness falls
open her up and feel her pain
Track Name: Mantra (Shades of Grey Remix)
No tongues speak the same
My words don't find them
Your lips move for different thoughts
I speak no evil

No eyes look on the same
Your eyes can't feel my pain
Sight won't correct your vision
I see no evil

No ears hear the same
My sounds don't correct your days
Our ears hear no thoughts
I hear no evil
Track Name: Words in Heaven Lost (Get Out of This Remix)
sincerity in patience
words in heaven lost

obliquely in my mind
faithfully gone by

we are following the same path
recognize the loss

like water in my hands
weakness takes a hold

it very well may not be me
i'm solidifying nothing

get out of this
thinking into fits
Track Name: Ex Oblivione (Original Demo)
these are my last days
my last dreams
unfamiliar stars shine
in foreboding skies

soft rain taps lightly
on my cold body
journey under the world
into dreams of mist

silent trees glowing in the moonlight
across shady groves
drifting through the valley
twisting, gnarled trees

in forgotten woods
finding desolate stones
arches through walkways
beneath overgrown castles

haunting in the world of dreams
flying in the mists of trees
vines and stones veil them now
where labyrinths grew

loving and vibrant comes the light
from behind the shining doors
laid within the antique wall
I pass into the space

I'm blending and bleeding into nothing
being with no one
these are my last days
my last dreams
Track Name: Dawn (On the Rocks Mix)
fly hence, shadows, that do not keep
watchful sorrows charm'd in sleep!
tho' the eyes be overtaken,
yet the heart doth ever waken
thoughts chain'd up in busy snares
of continual woes and care:
love and griefs are so exprest
as they rather sigh than rest.
fly hence, shadows, that do not keep
watchful sorrow charm'd in sleep!
Track Name: Every Thing She Is (Original Demo)
night wonders are wilder
hiding higher up so low
stars glisten my tears away
sun evaporates the stains

if i can hold them
i will dream them
we will find them
they will fall
there's a place there
it will drown you
we will find them
they will fall

everything she thinks has
shattered something there again
nowhere can you look down
and find the piece in me

it's a blurred and vicious day
you'll never find it
you would find me inside again
how soon it crumbles

she sits
she dreams
she loves
she knows
she understands
she lives
she hates
she learns
she regrets
she stumbles
she hurts
she cannot remember
she is never the same
Track Name: Voice
the voice of 30 unite in chords
the mirror makes it more
in fear of reflection
impartial to sight
the sky fills your eyes
open the door

I am drowsy
I am alone
I hunger though I have plenty
I am vulgar

I am the rain
in the clouds of your mind
I bring you memories
that around you bind

I am anger
I am jealousy
I prey upon the lightness
I am misery
Track Name: Nowhere
To come from nowhere
A dream like the past
To know the difference
Now I find the time
Track Name: Walls
walls towering overhead
cracks so elegant and split
pure white monolith
words speak around it

pure white and elegant
washing walls and so content
wishing by the stars at night
staring cracking fall apart tonight

white light, radiant beams, blackened plague, broken dreams

personal feelings for the dead
thinking of words that my mother said
blackened plague appears on the wall
crooked lines broken dead

dark stained and elegant
blackened walls cracked and condemned
pleading falling stars at night
dark stains on my heart tonight
Track Name: Corpus Christi (In Prayer Mix)
the night dragged by on the altar of repose
with something funereal about the white rose
the deep rumbling of the organ screamed revenge
for the hours of desolation within

kneeling there in prayer she wept
for the loss of her life and the boy who slept
never to see her again in the falling rain
she cried out loud, she cried in pain

lost to him and lost to her
the love flies blindly in an empty world
finding naught but pain and death inside
leaves our world to hate and desire

the illumination in the chapel dimmed
as the candle lit lamps burned in the wind
the draft of God came in to pray
with those inside who remembered judgment day

come Monday the black robes find it as quiet as sin
the day before, the crowds came in, to get
a piece of the sacrament that can save
them from the memory of that rainy day

if there's pain inside - love will die
if there's hate inside - love will die
Track Name: Otherworld
in the sunlight
I'll be on the horizon
on the other side of time

we will linger
finding our way north
on the other side of life

stillness inside
slip the knife into the crescent moon
on the other side of time

spins us around the compass
on the other side of life

anima mundi
I hear it
I see it
terra firma

over the ground
climbing beyond the waters
on the other side of time

sever phantom
kindred form of existence
on the other side of life

innocent wonder
textures encircle the sleeping
on the other side of time

in the moonlight
safely beyond the horizon
on the other side of life

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